April 1, 2005

The site is currently undergoing a redesign, for aesthetic and functional purposes. Currently there is an online scorekeeper that will allow you to keep score for your games. It's not 100% complete, but if you're game is 5-5, 4 players, and if you're playing with 1-2 'outs', it will work properly. Even without 'outs', if works just fine.

Also, there is a Java game client in the early development stages. What this client will do is similar to the many poker clients available online. It will allow you to connect to a server and actually play online with other people. The reason the client is being written in Java is to enable everyone to play. Whether your operating system of choice is Linux, MacOS, Windows, any of the BSD's or SunOS, or any system that has Java installed on it, you'll be able to play. I'll keep you posted as to the progress of the client, and as soon as a playable version is ready for testing, I'll post it.